Essex Masonic Library & Museum

Raising the awareness of Freemasons and members of the public, to the rich history and development of Freemasonry, is amongst the aims of the Essex Provincial Library and Museum.
We have been in existence since 2006, when we were opened by the Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. John Michael Webb.

The displays reflect a modern and vibrant Library and Museum, enabling us to exhibit, for example, some of the very special and ancient artefacts on loan from Angel Lodge No. 51, who had their inaugural meeting in 1735. Among the books in our possession are some fine bindings from the early 18th century.

One of our original aims was to have an image of every Provincial Grand Master, since 1776. We are still striving to complete this collection, but that of William Phillip Honywood (1824-1831), still eludes us.

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) wrote in his now famous, A Dictionary of the English Language, that a Museum was 'a collection of learned artefacts'. The learned artefacts which are held by the Library and Museum, form an excellent resource for research into the sociological, esoteric and historical aspects of Freemasonry, not just in the Province of Essex, but worldwide.

The knowledgeable Library and Museum staff are only too willing to assist Freemasons and members of the public wishing to further their knowledge of our Order. The Library and Museum can provide a quiet area for reading, reference and research, with Internet access.

We are members of the Masonic Library and Museum Group

 W/Bro. Pierre Waddoups. PPDepGSwdB. - Librarian and Curator

 W/Bro. Peter W. Smith PPGSwdB. - Assistant Librarian

 W/Bro. Brian Cattermole Prov.JGD. - Assistant Curator

 W/Bro. Mark Perkins. TD. PSGD - Honorary Librarian and Curator

OPENING HOURS : 10.00 - 13.00 Every Tuesday.

Other times by appointment contact Pierre Waddoups